Jared Mark Smith

Jared Mark Smith is an actor based out of New York City

Jared was born and raised in Lucas, a small town in northeast Texas. After graduating high school, Jared immediately moved to the city to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where he studied on-camera performance and voiceover technique. 

After graduating conservatory with ample training in film acting, Jared began studying theater at the Wynn Handman Studio with the esteemed Wynn Handman. Formerly an assistant to Sandy Meisner, Wynn's unique approach to character study and emotional preparation would forever change Jared's career. Handman's appreciation for independent writers and his belief in the power of storytelling through performance had driven him through 60 years of work in the American theater, and Jared hopes to emulate that spirit in his own work. 

With a background in comedy, Jared began performing in the Off-Broadway improv show LMAO at the Ha! Comedy Club in Time Square. After touring with the show and teaching improv at various schools and workshops around town, he sought to further expand his own improv technique by enrolling in classes at the Peoples Improv Theater. After attending all five course levels, Jared auditioned and was soon put on a house sketch team (Big Business) as well as a house improv team (BODY HEAT). Jared continues to perform regularly at the PIT, which has proved to be both a creative laboratory as well as a loving community of likeminded friends, actors and comedians. 

In his six years living in New York City, Jared Mark Smith has performed in various independent films, theater and commercials,  as well as weekly comedy shows in front of live audiences from all over the world. He has studied with some of the best teachers and artist New York has to offer. With a small town humility coupled with big city ambition, Jared is always looking  for ways to put their teachings into practice as he points his life towards bettering his work.